SOLD - Our Expedition Vehicle is for sale


An opportunity to acquire an expedition vehicle with proven capable of traveling the world at an unbeatable price.

Vehicle In Action

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What is it ?

  • 2003 Unimog U500 manual transmission truck.
  • GlobalXVehicles Safari 16ft Camper built in 2011-12.
  • Current mileage 130,000.
  • Vehicle size; length 26.5 ft, width 8'1", height 13'.
  • Asking price $225,000(or resonable offer).

Why are you selling it ?

In June of 2017 we returned from 5 years traveling around the world in this vehicle, that was the expedition for which the vehicle was acquired/built.

We have no current plans to use this vehicle for extended travel and the plans we do have will see this vehicle sitting in a garage at our house without being used for at least the next 2 years. Rather than "waste" the vehicle in this manner we have decided to sell it.

Why such a low price ?

These types of expedition vehicles do not come on the used market often and when they do they are usually a good deal more expensive that our asking price.

There are reasons for the attractive price:

  • We are keen to sell, and do not want to hang around with the vehicle sitting at our house wasting away.
  • This vehicle is well loved, and in good order in that everything works and the truck itself has just undergone a thorough service and inspection. However it is also well used and has the blemishes that come for extended use.


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Outside Truck

Inside Camper

Inside Some Details


Truck Cab


Chassis 2003 Unimog U500

  • The truck is a 2003 US Spec long wheelbase Unimog U500 imported and sold originally by Freightliner. The US Spec trucks has different gearing compared to the European version that allows a top speed of 70mph and a comfortable cruising speed of 60mph.

  • Truck is fulltime 4 wheel drive with selective locking of the center differential, the rear differential and the front differential.

  • As mentioned the transmission is manual. There are 8 forward speeds and 3 ranges for a total of 24 forward and 18 reverse gears. All provided by a combined transmission and transfer case.

  • Engine is 280 HP, OM906 Mercedes engine, 6.4 liter 6 cylinder turbo charged, electronically controlled and does not require lower sulphur fuel. This last factor was the primary driver of our selection of this vehicle.

  • Tires are Michelin XZL 395/85R20 mounted on Hutchison Aluminium wheels. Spare is mounted on rear of camper and is lowered by an electric winch.

  • Vario pilot which allows the driving position to be moved to the right hand side of the vehicle. We used this feature during 2015 when we traveled in England and Scotland.

  • After market RedDot air conditioning. This was fitted because we were told by other owners that on the vario-pilot version the A/C was a bit weak.

  • The truck has three fuel tanks with a total capacity of 200 gallons.

    • The stock 60 gallon tank on the right side of the vehicle.
    • After market steel 100 gallon tank on the left side of the vehicle.
    • After market custom 40 gallon stainless tank in the rear.
    • Fuel from the two auxilliary tanks is pumped to the stock tank via transfer pumps, which are controlled from the drivers position.
    • The design goal was a range of over 1500 miles for parts of Central Asia where, we expected diesel fuel to be scarce.
  • For cold weather starting the engine has:

    • Air intake heater powered from the starting batteries.
    • Electric engine block/coolant heater powered by 110volt external power ( can pug into the inverter or generator of the camper if necessary).
    • A Webasto 90 ST coolant heater is mounted on the truck chassis. This heats the engine coolant for cold weather starting and is also used as part of the camper heating and hot water systems.

Camper Body

  • Is a GXV Safari camper body built in early 2012, 15'8" long and 8' wide.
  • Camper body painted yellow to match truck paint color
  • The entry door has a "step down" and automatic electric entry steps to facilitate ease of entry.
  • Manual side mount awning
  • LED area outdoor lighting
  • Storage:
    • 3 external black metal storage boxes mounted to the underside of the camper. 2 in rear, 1 next to entry door.

    • A large "pass-thru" storage comparment under rear bed that is accessed via external rear side doors in the camper body.

  • Onan 3.2 kw Quiet diesel generator mounted in rear of camper body well out of the way for wading through water.
  • 90 Gallon fresh water tank mounted inside the camper body for freeze protection.
  • Cassette toilet. Makes dumping easier in countries and areas that do not have North American style RV dumps.
  • Two gray water tanks. One 20 gallon tank for kitchen sink waste water mounted inside the camper body. One 30 gallon tank mounted under the camper body for the shower, this one is heated by engine coolant.

  • Dometic skylight over bed with removable outside metal cage to prevent forced access during shipping.

  • 5 Armor Vision windows with stainless steel covers for shipping or extra protection. These windows have inbuild sun shades and insect screens, are dual pane, and have armoured glass. Unlike Sietz windows, which I have also owned in other vehicles insects do not sneek past the screen.

    • one large window at each end of the rear bed for cross ventilation.
    • one large window beside dinette.
    • one small window above sink.
    • one small window in bathroom.
  • Magic fan mounted in roof in forward part of camper body.

  • Roof mounted 14,000 BTU low profile air conditioner. Runs from 110volt shore power, or 110volt from generator.

  • Camper heating is provided by engine coolant passing through a radiator mounted inside the camper body. The radiator has a fan which blows air over the radiator when heat is required. The switch is thermostatically controlled. If heat is required when the engine is not running the thermostatic switch turns on the Websato heater to heat coolant. Start up time in cold weather is 2-3 minutes.

    The heated air is circulated into the main camper compartment, the bathroom and the underbed storage area.

  • Passthru between camper and truck cab. The passthru can be closed by a sliding metal door, that can be locked from the camper side to prevent driver access to the camper during shipping.

Interior Living Space

  • Rear queen bed with spring mattress.
  • Four seat dinette on drivers side of camper immediatelt in front of bed.
  • Kitchen sink, cook top and overhead microwave oven on passenger side of camper opposite dinette.
  • Separate bathroom/toilet/shower with vanity cabinet and mirror, and granite vanity top. Immediately forward of dinette on drivers side of camper.
  • Granite kitchen counter top and stainless steel sink.
  • Set of drawers, small counter top and coffee maker immediately forward of camper entry door.
  • Swing up counter extension links the small counter with the kitchen counter for extended counter space.
  • Refrigerator, with pantry storage above forward of entry door on passengers side of camper.
  • There are 11 overhead cabinets mounted to the camper ceiling in addition to other cabinetry.
  • High efficiency fluorescent/LED lighting
  • Task lighting over kitchen and dinette
  • Reading lights in bunk
  • Additional storage under rear dinette seat including combination locking safe.
  • Two storage compartments under mattress accessible from inside camper.


  • VitriFrigo 2 drawer 12 volt compressor refrigerator/freezer.
  • Webasto ceramic diesel cook-top stove. This stove still works though we have stopped using it as we have concluded that a portable induction cook top is a more efficient alternative. One of these is included with the vehicle.
  • Sharp convection microwave oven.
  • Brew Express 4 cup coffee maker is plumbed into the camper.
  • Isotemp slim rectangular hotwater tank heated by engine coolant and the webasto 90 ST. Located under the kitchen sink.

    This is a real luxury as at the end of each days driving there is piping hot water avaiable for a shower.

Electrical System

  • Three 175-watt solar panels with Outback solar charge controller. This combination can provide over 30 amps of 12 volt power to the camper in good sunlight.
  • 3 x 255-amp/hour AGM battery bank.
  • Outback VFX28112M (100amp charger and 2800 watt inverter) Inverter/Charger charges the camper batteries from 110v shore power and provides applicances and camper with 110 volts power from batteries.
  • Outback Flexnet control system to manage batteries, inverter/charger and solar charger.
  • Marine AC and DC circuit breaker panel.
  • Camper battery and engine starting battery isolation system
  • Two 30 Amp external AC power connection (power cord and adapter included), one for US 110volt/60Hz shore power and one for foriegn 230volt/50Hz shore power.
  • AC/DC outlets in underbed storage area.
  • A 100 amp Mastervolt multi-voltage battery charger for charging camper batteries when in countries that use 230 volts. This charger can drive the Outback inverter to effectively convert 230 volt shore power to 110 volt power for use of US sourced appliances and tools.
  • Two Sterling 35 amp battery-battery chargers. These devices allow the truck alternator to apply the correct charging profile to the AGM camper batteries.

  • Electrical equipment is under forward dinnete seat.

Water System

  • 90 gallon fresh water inside the camper body
  • Two level fresh water filtration system, one general filtration and one for drinking water.
  • Two gray water tanks as mentioned above.
  • Fresh/gray water tank monitoring system
  • High capacity variable output water pump
  • Cassette toilet
  • 6.3 gallon hot water tank
  • Diesel hydronic hot water and engine pre-heating system
  • Stainless sink
  • Filtered drinking water faucet